The Office

The hub
The hangout
The club
Theses are just a few things the office of Last Chance Trailer Park, located in sunny South Georgia have been called. It’s really more like a therapist’s office, where Lucy Fowler deals with a festival of ripe personalities that reside in this tiny spot on the map.

Today, Lucy has to decide what to do about a letter, Brenda, the letter carrier, gave her yesterday addressed to Jules. Jules is a totally beloved kid who resides in lot 12, with his mom and aunt. The letter had a return address of Harvard and we’re not talking about the Harvard subdivision down the street! No, this envelope had a return address of Cambridge, Massachusetts, the home of the prestigious Ivy League Harvard University! And on top of that, it was thick which according the Brenda the letter carrier for the Park, means “you’re in!”.

Brenda, is the letter carrier assigned to Last Chance Trailer Park. Not mail lady or postal worker, but letter carrier as she has informed us. She always says, “be it college, an art show, food stamps or anything else, a thick envelope is what you are looking for. It is full of stuff you need to know about the thing that was awesome enough to apply for in the first place! Thin envelope, forget it and move on.” Brenda knows this from almost 23 years of delivering letters to people.

So, you are probably asking, is being turned down for Harvard U a bad thing? Lucy already knows Jules’ mom and aunt do not have the money to pay for this prestigious school. So she wants to have a plan in place before the envelope, that weighs at least 10lbs, is given to Jules.

What is the plan? Well, at this point Lucy doesn’t exactly know. But it’s not the first time she’s not “exactly known” what she was going to do.

For example, Mrs. Williams decided she was going to celebrate Christmas all year long and decided to leave her outside decorations up. A clear violation of the rules.

Or when Ramos first painted his trailer purple. There was not even an official rule against that, but there sure were a lot of opinions.

Please stay tuned to see how Lucy handles the good news\bad news dilemma Jules finds himself in and to hear more about the residents of LAST CHANCE TRAILER PARK, where the lots are shady and the future is bright!

First Look At Last Chance Trailer Park

Hey everybody, welcome to my blog. I’m Ms. Mavis and over the next coming days and weeks, I’m going to be telling you the story of last chance trailer park. I’ll be telling you all the trailer park gossip. Got to tune in, it’s really great gossip.
I’ll be telling you all the tales about all the things that happened to the residence in this beautiful place in South Georgia. Please tune into my blog. I’ll be posting periodically, can’t wait to see you. Last chance trailer park, where the lots are shady and the future is bright.